Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I was going to post on this sooner or later. As most of you know, Minecraft has been getting extremely hyped up and popular recently. Quite a lot of this hype is due to Youtubers. I'm sure you already know that and I cba to say more.

I've known about Minecraft for about 6 months due to someone I know on Steam asking for me to buy it them in return for something else. So I started playing classic for a bit then. Found it fun at first but got a little boring quickly. Though recently with all the hype and free-weekend, I've actually been playing it quite a bit. Alpha is very fun indeed with all the stupid animal AI and mobs which suprise you. It's almost a game already imo.

But another thing is the only way I'm currently playing is through the free-weekend alpha. It will soon be probably much harder to play if updates come out + I want the updates so I'm currently looking to see if anyone will buy me it. You may be thinking, "What will I get in return?". Well you get your money back, either via paypal, or I buy you something worth 10euros online. You then may be asking, "Why don't you just buy Minecraft yourself?". Well I haven't got any money yet, and I may not have the money before Minecraft goes into Beta.
So, any sellers?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Serious Sam HD

As some of you know, Serious Sam Gold Edition came out on Steam recently and there was a 75% weekend sale to celebrate it. What was included was the classic Serious Sams and the HD versions to. Though part of the deal was that if you already owned the HD versions, you get a copy for your friends. Luckly one of my friends bought the pack and vola, I now have Serious Sam: First and Second Encounter HD. I may be uploading some random gameplay footage soon.

But Serious Sam is great. Endless hordes of whatever the game throws at you and a huge array of weapons. What's not to like?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Why so inactive?

Pretty much I've just started college and don't have much time. Though I will be posting more soon.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Grand Theft Auto: IV

I also got the entire rockstart collection on steam when it was on sale. Pretty glad I did seeing how most of the GTA games can be modded quite far. Recently I've been trying to install some police mods onto GTA4 for the fun of it but either because I'm not doing it properly or the Steam version is patched too far, they only partially work. And because I'm clever, I never made backups of any of the files.

So right now I'm redownloading the entire (almost) 16gb that is GTA IV. Yay.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MW2 Modded Lobbies

Originally I got MW2 for the PS3. Got quite addicted. Eventually got bored at prestige 2 I think. Then a friend got it me on Steam so I could help him on spec ops. Done a load of that now. Then the modded lobbies started showing up a bit on multi-player. Since then, I've been playing MW2 more and more to try and find these and over the last week or so, some people I know actually starting hosting these modded lobbies. Only in private matches though.

Most of what has been played was stuff like Zombie Mod. But I've started getting bored of that. So I've decided to start hosting my own lobbies, not online because I'm not looking for a VAC ban but with friends. I'll probably be hosting stuff like Gungame a lot. If you want to join in, just post your steam below. And if you got any requests for mods, I have over 30 installed so I'll see if I have it/can get it.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Borderlands anyone?

I recently got borderlands in the sale on steam. I've played it a bit on my own and though I'm generally not a fan of that type of game, I love Borderlands. But from what I've heard, and what it feels like, co-op is much better. Though I know some people that have Borderlands, they usually join groups of other people.

So, any of you got Borderlands and wish to play?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Casual/Indie Genre Games

Recently I've also been getting into more casual/indie genre games. More specifically, games like Beat Hazard and Geometry Wars. What attracts me is the simplicity of the controls, the replayability and the graphics. In my opinion the graphics on these games are amazing. Mainly all the colours going everywhere. And with Beat Hazard, having your own music pretty much control it is epic.

If you don't know what games I'm talking about, take a look at some of these videos:

Thursday, 2 September 2010

ETF2L Highlander - Valve vs the Community

Anyone else about to watch the match? Personally, I think valve will try and play, then get bored, then open up the hax. Well, the valve weapons. Will be fun.

Link to stream here:

Edit: Cancelled. Damn server not working properly.

Garrys Mod

Talking about mods, I also presume that a lot of you know of Garrys Mod. Personally I'm shit at building stuff that looks decent though I still find it fun. Recently I've been getting back into it and a community I am a part of has launched a 12-slot build server. If you wish to visit it, the ip is:

Some of the other stuff I find can be quite entertaining on Gmod is Spacebuild, building stuff to go in space, and Rp, roleplay though I more just join friends in that and annoy them as a hobo.
Even though this isn't a review or anything, I'd say get Garrys Mod. Don't have the money? Get Gmod 9 but thats not supported so don't go complaining when everything breaks.