Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I was going to post on this sooner or later. As most of you know, Minecraft has been getting extremely hyped up and popular recently. Quite a lot of this hype is due to Youtubers. I'm sure you already know that and I cba to say more.

I've known about Minecraft for about 6 months due to someone I know on Steam asking for me to buy it them in return for something else. So I started playing classic for a bit then. Found it fun at first but got a little boring quickly. Though recently with all the hype and free-weekend, I've actually been playing it quite a bit. Alpha is very fun indeed with all the stupid animal AI and mobs which suprise you. It's almost a game already imo.

But another thing is the only way I'm currently playing is through the free-weekend alpha. It will soon be probably much harder to play if updates come out + I want the updates so I'm currently looking to see if anyone will buy me it. You may be thinking, "What will I get in return?". Well you get your money back, either via paypal, or I buy you something worth 10euros online. You then may be asking, "Why don't you just buy Minecraft yourself?". Well I haven't got any money yet, and I may not have the money before Minecraft goes into Beta.
So, any sellers?

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