Thursday, 2 September 2010

Garrys Mod

Talking about mods, I also presume that a lot of you know of Garrys Mod. Personally I'm shit at building stuff that looks decent though I still find it fun. Recently I've been getting back into it and a community I am a part of has launched a 12-slot build server. If you wish to visit it, the ip is:

Some of the other stuff I find can be quite entertaining on Gmod is Spacebuild, building stuff to go in space, and Rp, roleplay though I more just join friends in that and annoy them as a hobo.
Even though this isn't a review or anything, I'd say get Garrys Mod. Don't have the money? Get Gmod 9 but thats not supported so don't go complaining when everything breaks.


  1. I love putting huge posts up and attaching cars via strings to make massive swingballs :D

  2. I've seen people do that. Looks pretty fun.