Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MW2 Modded Lobbies

Originally I got MW2 for the PS3. Got quite addicted. Eventually got bored at prestige 2 I think. Then a friend got it me on Steam so I could help him on spec ops. Done a load of that now. Then the modded lobbies started showing up a bit on multi-player. Since then, I've been playing MW2 more and more to try and find these and over the last week or so, some people I know actually starting hosting these modded lobbies. Only in private matches though.

Most of what has been played was stuff like Zombie Mod. But I've started getting bored of that. So I've decided to start hosting my own lobbies, not online because I'm not looking for a VAC ban but with friends. I'll probably be hosting stuff like Gungame a lot. If you want to join in, just post your steam below. And if you got any requests for mods, I have over 30 installed so I'll see if I have it/can get it.

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